GigApe Digital Content Producer

As digital content producer for GigApe Live Music Community, I facilitated the creation of a web resource and community dedicated to live music performances anywhere in the world.

The project took six months to complete and utilised a heavily-customised wordpress/buddypress platform.

Core Concept

We coupled a fan-zine digital model with powerful citizen journalism communication and publishing tools. A disruptive media technology, the GigApe community could broadcast breaking news stories, host shows and interviews, debate current trends, and deliver live music performances to anyone, anywhere in the world.

A real-time interactive music map was populated with geo-tagged user posts, with filterable content, such as selecting all music from the previous week in a specific country, city, or continent.

We intended GigApe to be a disruptive media platform, empowering fans to rate and review the music they consume, while creating a venue for musical content outside traditional media channels.

GigApe Editor-in-Chief

As Editor-in-Chief, I was responsible for commissioning multi-media content for a worldwide audience interested in live music performances, from classical events to rock festivals and everything in-between.

My duties included digital content delivery, management and creative supervision. I was responsible for the creative direction of 100 writers, photographers and videographers across three continents on a daily basis.

GigApe Images

Below are the design production layouts of the main landing pages for the GigApe website.

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Interview Examples

Here are some examples of interviews I conducted with various musicians and bands during my time as editor of GigApe. Select a link to read the content.

Interview with The Disciplines

Interview with Mojo Fury

Interview with Anvil

Interview with Robyn Shiels