Homework Rules e-learning

As digital producer and lead copywriter, I developed an interactive resource to help parents gain the skills and confidence to engage their children in primary school maths. This creative and engaging resource comprised video, animation, audio, games, tools and high quality PDF worksheets.

The project was developed using European funding, and was launched specifically in the Shankill area in Belfast because of the recognised high levels of numeracy issues present.

Core Concept – Content Production

The e-learning website was designed to be fun and colourful, and as appealing to children as their parent. The core concept was that the website upskilled parents on current core curriculum maths for primary school, allowing them to work through maths problems with their children.

It was a vibrant platform, full of vibrant characters, graphics and animations, helping parents engage with their children on school homework.


Homework Rules e-learning utilised content experts to develop robust mathematic exercises. It had to be aimed at both parents and children, so the tone, look and feel of the website were very important. This required balancing an educational resource, with humour and style, attempting to make homework interesting and dynamic.

Learning Materials

Key to the core concept of the website, all the materials, exercises and video elements were provided for free. But we adhered to a strict high-quality model, which imbued the resource with quality and value, especially evident in the wealth of online games and tools developed for the project, and the downloadable pdf exercise packages.

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