Safe Surfing Learning Resource

Safe Surfing is a web-based learning resource and education site developed in conjunction with the Department of Education. It was designed to inform parents about the various considerations necessary to protect their children’s safety while using the Internet.

Core Concept

The learning resource needed to be entertaining, as well as informative. We took a light-hearted approach to engagement, with a specially scripted web animation that connected the various topics across the site.

It made use of many video animations, as well as high-quality bespoke pdf content, and numerous specially designed online tools.

As a digital content producer, I worked on this project for six months to bring it to launch.

Safe Surfing Gallery

Below are some images detailing the layout of the various landing pages on the Safe Surfing e-learning website.

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Bespoke Content

Below is an example of the high-quality, bespoke downloadable pdf material available for free throughout the safe surfing education resource.