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Michael McGlade Copywriter and Editor Northern Ireland

NI Direct Copywriter

As lead copywriter for the NI Direct web project, I was instrumental in pitching a whole site redesign, with a more modern and engaging outlook. NI Direct is a unifying website that needed to bring together various disparate government websites under a single umbrella, with the aim to make it easier for people to access content.

The rebranded website required that material from multiple sources and writers be restyled to have a consistent style and tone. There was also a requirement to ensure government best practice and in-house style guides be maintained.

As part of the editing and copywriting remit, it was decided that the html pages should be more visually appealing, have greater interactivity, and that the core content be presented in a variety of accessible mediums, such as in video and audio presentations.


We developed multiple podcasts for material already present on the website, but streamlined for audio narration. I scripted the podcasts and took them through a series of government channels for sign-off approval, and then recorded in-studio, adhering to the technical specifications for web hosting internet playback, and mp3/iPod playback.

Below are several podcasts that were created as part of the project:

Video Presentations

Several key topics were scripted and presented as video tutorials. Complex subjects had to be optimised for video narration. Through the use of music, audio and image, we were able to make engaging 2-minute presentations without loss of clarity or meaning.


As part of the website redesign, I was responsible for the copywriting and SEO for over 200 html pages of content. Gaps in content were discovered, and new material developed. I worked closely with the in-house technical and content team of NI Direct to ensure finished material fitted their style guide and delivered the core message, in the correct tone.

Image Gallery

Below are several images of the re-styled pages developed for the NI Direct website.

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October 31, 2017