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Michael McGlade is a creative writer specialised in crafting narrative journeys for digital media.

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Michael McGlade is a creative writer specialising in crafting narrative journeys for digital media. He is also an accomplished award-winning fiction writer, editor and journalist.

Michael grew up in an Irish farmhouse where the leaky roof didn’t bother him as much as the fear of electrocution from the nightly scramble for prime position beneath the “chicken lamp,” the only source of heating in the house – a large infrared heat lamp more commonly used for poultry.

His seminal influences were Darwin’s “Survival Of The Fattest” and a morbid belief that “undying love” meant you had a soft-spot for zombies. Never allowing these misapprehensions to hold him back from success, he understood that nothing is as clear as the illegible comprehensibility of the modern world.

Discovering that in other countries it didn’t rain as much as it did in Ireland, Michael jobbed his way around the world working as a nail sharpener, fortune cookie writer, chimney sweep, cow hoof trimmer, and carney.

Now, you’ll most likely find him patiently hanging around the “reduced items” section of his local supermarket in a nding quest to bag the ultimate bargain.

He has had 70 short stories published in Shimmer, Saturday Evening Post, Irish Times, Spinetingler, Grain, Downstate Story, and other journals. He holds a master’s degree in English from Queen’s University, Ireland.

He’s the recipient of two Arts Council funding awards, and his competition-winning fiction appears in the book Powers Irish Short Story Collection (2012).

He has been a rich-media digital producer for eight years and worked for national newspapers, such as the Daily Mirror and Belfast Telegraph.

Represented by Isobel Dixon of the Blake Friedmann Literary Agency.

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